Wildlife & Environment Support

Taw Fishing Club strongly supports the work of both public (Environment Agency) and private bodies including the Wild Trout Trust, the Soutwest Rivers Trust, the River Taw Fisheries Association, and the Salmon & Trout Conservation Society in their efforts to maintain and improve the quality of the natural environment on our rivers, lakes and coastal waters.

A number of TFC members are active participants in the RiverFly Partnership (www.riverflies.org) supported locally by the Devon Wildlife Trust and the North Devon Biosphere. The Riverfly programme tracks water quality through a network of volunteers who sample the invertebrate populations of registered sites on the waterways on a monthly basis. 

With the generous assistance of the Environment Agency and the West Country Rivers Trust, the TFC has invested significant club funds in continued river improvement activities using the “Fishing/Habitat Improvement Programme”.

The TFC membership are our 'eyes and ears’ on the water. UK rivers are in an increasingly fragile condition given the many pressures and demands on aquatic and rural land resources. Accordingly, we ask our members to be vigilant at all times. Any significant sign of contamination or pollution (dead fish, water discolouration, oil slicks, foam etc.) to our waters should be reported immediately to the TFC and to the Environment Agency hotline: 0800 80 70 60 See: https://www.gov.uk/report-an-environmental-incident 

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